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August 23, 201912:00 AM
Home Fire Safety Tips For Everyone October is National Fire Safety Month, which means it is right around the corner. Therefore, the time is right to start making sure your Mount Vernon house and household is prepared for one of the emergency situations. Flames and smoke ...
August 22, 201905:30 PM
10 Tips to Make Your Computer More Secure
August 22, 201912:00 AM
Ways For Empty Nesters To Feel Better About Their Child's Safety Even when Mount Vernon kiddos grow up and move out of their parents' home, the guardians still feel as if they need to protect them. After all, parenthood is a lifelong thing. It doesn't stop just because the child turns ...
August 21, 201912:00 AM
Think About Installing A Security System For These Reasons Regardless of who you are or where you live, a security system is almost a necessity these days. Even so, at times, owning the equipment can seem like a burden. The owner has to worry about arming/ disarming the unit, ...
August 20, 201912:00 AM
You Can Support Law Enforcement With Private Security Cameras Law enforcement plays a central role in community safety.  A properly trained police and security force can spot suspicious behavior before it leads to a crime, gather evidence after a crime to find the guilty party, and enforce the laws ...
August 19, 201912:00 AM
Moving Apartments This Fall? Bring A Security System With You Most apartment buildings and apartment complexes in Mount Vernon, IL have some amount of security built in.  They may have an entrance a resident has to buzz to let a guest in, they may have grounds with limited entrances, and ...
August 16, 201912:00 AM
Why Choose Home Security Monitoring? When you buy or upgrade your home’s security system, you have a lot of options you can choose from.  Cameras come in all different brands and designs with plenty of quality and feature options, electronic locks can use keycards or...
August 15, 201912:00 AM
Four Security Tips For Your Home And Office Whether you are at your Mount Vernon home relaxing with your family or at work knocking out a project, your safety is the highest priority. No matter where you spend your time, there are a few things you can do ...
August 14, 201912:00 AM
Three Valuable Security Tips To Share With Your Children When They Move Out The time comes in every parent’s life when their children move out of the home. This can be pretty scary because you want to ensure they’ll be safe in their new home. One of the best things you can do ...
August 13, 201912:00 AM
Protecting Your Home from the Inside Out with an Alarm System Alarm systems and security cameras do a good job of protecting both the inside and outside of your home. Smoke detectors on the inside of your Mount Vernon home are also another way you can raise the safety and protection ...
August 12, 201912:00 AM
Why Your Children Should Have Wireless Home Security Home security is important for families with children for a variety of different reasons. Today, we will go over a few of those reasons and explain why your children should have access to a wireless home security system.

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August 9, 201912:00 AM
Security Systems and Convincing Your Mother You are Safe As we grow and become adults and finally move out of the home to be on our own, it isn't just hard on the ones doing the growing up and moving; it is always going to be especially hard on ...
August 9, 201912:00 AM
Reduce The Frequency Of False Alarms To Save Time And Money You might be surprised to learn that police and fire departments around the country spend thousands of hours investigating false alarms. The police department in Mount Vernon, IL is busy enough investigating real crime, but whenever an alarm is...
August 8, 201905:35 PM
How to Keep Your Home Security Cameras From Being Hacked
August 8, 201912:00 AM
These Are The Benefits Of Installing A Home Security System Today’s home security systems work to keep burglars on the outside, but they also work to keep you informed of what’s happening inside. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors keep your family safe from harm. Surveillance cameras let you...
August 7, 201912:00 AM
Tips for Fire Safety in the Kitchen A fire can happen in the home at any time and in any room of the home. However, most home fires occur in the kitchen. When this happens, the damage resulting from the fire can be significant because this kind ...
August 6, 201912:00 AM
Keeping Crime Away From Your Property Have you ever taken the time to notice just how often you see home invasion or burglary in the news? Chances are, in the Mount Vernon, IL area, it’s quite a bit. Not only do these homeowners have to deal ...
July 22, 201911:30 AM
Don't forget the computer that landed Apollo 11 astronauts on the moon!
July 10, 201906:00 PM
Why Cyber Security Exercises Work: Three Real World Examples
June 27, 201912:00 PM
Walmarts using AI computers to catch thieves
June 24, 201912:00 PM
A stroll down memory lane on the origin of computers
May 31, 201911:55 AM
No home or business is the same, which is why our team works to provide customized security solutions designed to m…
May 31, 201909:45 AM
Our relationship is not over once we’ve installed your products. We provide ongoing, professional support. Call 866…
May 14, 201912:42 PM
Timeline Photos iPhone Screen Repair Prices Dropped Today! #kuncecomputersinc
May 7, 201903:38 PM
Timeline Photos Our New Custom Built Giagabyte BRIX S. It fits in the palm of your hand and out preforms most desktop computers on the market. The specs:
*16GB DDR4 Ram
*Intel Core i5 - 8250U Processor
*240 GB M.2 SSD
Includes ...
May 2, 201911:10 AM
Timeline Photos We only have two of these refurbished Dell Latitudes left in stock! They are going quick, so come to Kunce and we’ll hook you up!
The specs:
*Latitude E6540
*8GB Memory
*320GB Hard Drive
*Intel i5 Processor @2.70GHz
*Windows 10
April 4, 201910:32 AM
Kunce Computers, Inc. Kunce Computers, Inc. updated their profile picture.
March 30, 201904:03 PM
The Challenges Of Campus Security :: Video Security Systems When a campus has their annual security assessment or audient, the chances are high that they’re like to find some sort of vulnerabilities....
Kunce Computers, Inc. shared a link.
March 30, 201902:17 PM
At Kunce Computers, we provide the latest security technology to businesses, homes, and commercial spaces in the Mo…
March 30, 201912:32 PM

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We are a family-owned business with more than 50 years of combined expertise. We work thoroughly to serve business and homeowners Mount Vernon, IL area. Do you ever feel like you can't keep up with new technology? We are here for you. According to Moore’s Law, a computer’s processing speed doubles every 18 months. This means that within a couple of years, your state-of-the-art technology is obsolete. That is why we make it a point to keep businesses and homes up to date on the latest technological advancements and developments.
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